ADA Shop Talk Community

Join our Community of Changemakers - Share, Learn, and Grow!

What we do

  • We bring together code officials, architects, engineers, contractors, and consultants just like you! 
  • To develop a better understanding of the accessibility codes, standards, and regulations. 
  • So that we can achieve consistent and uniform application of accessibility requirements within the built environment.

What you get

  • A Private Community - Where you can post Q&A, diagrams, pictures, share ideas and learn together with a community of ADA/CASp experts. 
  • Webinars - Join Mark & Paul Live online via (Zoom) webinar for live Q&A/discussions and guest experts on complex ADA/CASp topics.
  • Members-Only Content - Get access to private archived content, templates, videos, and training resources you won’t find anywhere else.

Who & Why

ADA Shop Talk was originally a Podcast that Paul Klein & Mark Wood did for a few years, it is still available here: ADA Shop Talk Podcast.

We frequently receive requests to restart the podcast and so many have found the information helpful.

While the podcast was rewarding, it was a lot of work and we had always had this idea of creating a community of accessibility specialists.

We want to encourage further discussion, education, and training for those who have attended our CalCasp Academy and Online Training Programs.